meltshop|365 ensures reproducible quality and efficient use of resources.

Process schedules, which are subdivided into process steps, specify the metallurgical targets from the make-up of the charge materials, through melting, the secondary metallurgical treatment to casting and remelting.

With the integrated mathematical/metallurgical models, an action plan is created at the beginning of a process step. The actions can be automatically transferred with their target values to the automation systems and optionally started.

With the feedback from the automation systems and measuring devices an estimate of the temperature as well as the chemical composition of metal bath and slag will be calculated for every second. For larger deviations of the actual values from the target values, the action plan will dynamically be adjusted to ensure the achievement of the metallurgical goals.

meltshop|365 automates the processes and thus supports the operator in his complex work to produce high-quality materials.

Heats can be registered at the individual processing units using the dedicated user interfaces. Heats registration takes place at the melting units by means of the melting line-up. At the secondary metallurgical processing units an during casting the registration of the heats will be done by selecting the heat from a list of available heats.

After logging the heat at the specific user interface, the current data of the heat and the data from previous process steps are displayes in a clear manner:

Depending on the desired level of automation, the metallurgical processing units can be operated via the user interface and possibly also visualized.

Manual inputs of the individual functions of the processing units are optionally possible.

Once all the activities of the process steps have been completed, the heat can be logged out or be registered at the next processing unit of the process route.

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