The meltshop|365  charge calculation application determines the  cost-optimal combination of the charge materials of a heat based on the target analysis after melting and the actual stock of the raw materials.

The charge calculation enables the consideration of a liquid heel with a given mass and analysis. The analysis of the liquid heel can be specified by the last measured analysis or the target analysis of the pre-heat.

The analysis specification (min/max values) or the target values for the chemical composition to be reached after melting can be specified either using the grade management application or within the process schedules. Each Chemical Element specifies a specific yield.

The list of scraps and alloys that are made available to the charge calculation can be parameterized as far as possible. Likewise, restrictions such as the minimum and maximum amount absolute [kg] or relative to the target weight [kg/t] can be specified via the grade management or the process schedule application.

The result of the charge calculation are the charge materials and their quantities as well as the instructions for weighing and providing of the materials.

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